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MTK Secure Boot Da File

This thread is dedicated to listing Mtk Download Agents (DA) files. Before now, we only listed them at the model’s component files thread so this thread will be updated too to make it easier for members to find.

This is a community effort so the files are free, no passwords. If you have any confirmed DA that’s not listed below then help this list grow by sending it to us.

Why do I need a custom Download Agent (DA)?

As Mediatek’s chip security has evolved, we have seen an increased complexity in flashing firmware (like -sign.img & Secure Boot). Its no more (always) as easy as just loading a scatter file and flashing using SP flash tool. DAs are strategic following the increase in the need for boxes and dongles to perform tasks; even in the use of SP Flash Tool to bypass Factory Reset Protection (FRP).

A Download Agent (DA) enables your favorite Mediatek Flash Tool to read and write to the device. In a case where the default DA can’t, you’ll encounter constant errors or the phone just powering up when you connect. This is where a custom DA file comes in. Depending on the tool you’re using, you manually load the custom DA ( MTK_AllInOne_DA_SP.bin or DA_SWSEC.bin ) .

How do I use a Mtk custom Secure Boot DA file?

After you’ve downloaded and extracted the bin file, you rename the file to MTK_AllInOne_DA_SP.bin or DA_SWSEC.bin (depending on what you downloaded). At this point, you either manually load the DA in the flash tool you are using or replace the tool’s default Download Agent with the custom DA then relaunch the tool.

Important Notice
Some DA files are tool-specific (i.e will only work with a specific Mediatek tool) so try them on as many Mediatek Flash tools as you can

List of MTK custom Download Agents (DA) files

Tecno Secure DA File

Fero Secure DA File

Infinix Secure DA File

Itel DA File

Lenovo DA File

Motorola DA File

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